1/13/2009 12:00:00 AM

Change in Leadership of Local 1942 for 2009
Ric Choudoir, President of Local 1942 for the past 6 years, has declined nomination for President for a 4th term. As a result, Mike Ledwidge ran unopposed for President and has become President of Local 1942.

Ric Choudoir was asked to accept nomination for Vice President to assist in the transition of Leadership. He excepted nomination and ran unopposed for Vice President, therefore becoming Vice President of Local 1942.

Other Officers that ran unopposed are: Janet Ramsey - Secretary;  Willie Backes - Treasurer and Jaimie George - Administrative Support Seat. They will serve another term in those positions.

As a result of the December election, the following people will serve another Term on the Local 1942 Executive Board: Rita Phelan - Technical Seat and Steve Coleman - Blue Collar Seat.

Also elected to a three year term as Trustee to Local 1942 was Bill Reedy.